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Ref. BAL-ROT R-A60


Ref. BAL-ROT R-A60

Reference of Trenza Metal grille included:
68 125 50 R10

BAL-ROT ball and socket joints
Screws for fastening
Packaging for protection in the building site

Technical data

Materials and finishings


All the materials are solid hot rolled profiles of ACERO CALIDAD S-275-JR UNE-EN 10025.

Corrosion-resistant treatment and finishes

Channel of fluids
Inner galvanization of the overlapped surfaces.

Dúplex system according to the standard UNE-EN 13438.
High anti-oxidation protection thanks to a process of hot dip galvanization. Treatments of degreasing and phosphate. Polyester-powder paint (ferrotextured paint) and furnace dried. Maximum adherence of the surface coating.

-Corrosion-resistance treatment: Hot dip galvanization by immersion.
     · Minimum thickness of the zinc coating: 70 µm.
     · Standard UNE-EN ISO 1461

-Adherence treatment: Acid degreasing. Amorphous phosphate.

-Surface treatment: Polyester-powder paint (>70 µm). High quality and optimum performance.


Ferro textured polyester in six colours: white, ferrite, red tile, green, steel grey and black wrought iron.


General standards of the product
-EXCELENT according to standards:
     · UNE 85238 "Railings. Test Methods"
     · UNE 85240 "Rails. Classification"
-UNE 85237 “Railings. Definitions. Terminology. General security conditions”

Anchorage and installation
Anchorage basis and security screws (stainless steel or zinc coating) according to standard UNE 85239 “Railings. Cross section design of elements. Anchorage features. Supply and installation conditions".

Options and Accessories

Features of the BAL-ROT system

The BAL-ROT system provides maximum security and it allows a fast assembly after the finished building works. Versatility, adaptability and resistance in a product that the customer receives totally finished, equipped with the accessories for assembly and fastening, made to measure, packed and ready to install without need for qualified workers.


BAL-ROT ball and socket joint

The key of the anchorage system. Without building work and without welding.

Move the ball and socket joint linearly to adapt to the opening.
Turn to find the optimum fastening point.

The Bal Rot ball and socket joint is the key of the anchorage system.
It is a kind of hermetic telescopic anchor for tubular handrails that provide two advantages:

-Longitudinal tolerance
It allows avoiding measure mistakes or unevenness of the wall.

-Freedom to set the anchor
It allows avoiding the brick slots and finding the most resistant point, etc.

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