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MICROTRENZADA® Horizontal Weave


Horizontal Weave



Panel standard formats

Ref. MTR-H100

Ref. MTR-H150

Ref. MTR-2H100

Ref. MTR-H200

 · Other formats, bending and installation positions, ask.


1. Galvanized iron
- Stitch and junction
- Wall anchorages
- Inside and outside corners

2. Aluminium
- Stitch and junction
- Esquinas


1. Chemical plug
2. Metallic plug
3. Receive

*More information about the Characteristics of the system

*All the products included in this catalogue are protected by the EUROPEAN PATENT Nº 09382088.4.

Technical data



Materials and finishings


Finish options


· Ferro textured polyester in seven colors; Silver Grey, Black Wrought Iron, Steel Grey, Ferrite, White, Green, Red Tile.
· Plain polyester in silver grey.
*Please request samples to choose color: Helpline + 34 902 114 142 Steel treatment



Treatment of the steel

Hot galvanizing (1). Phosphatising and degreasing treatment (2). Oven baked lacquering with polyester (3).


Aluminum treatment

Treatment of degreasing and phosphate (2) Polyester furnace drying (3)




Other finishes

· Not lacquered (only for panels)
· Transparent lacquering
· Printed and furnace dried on powder lacquering
. Single or double printed. We can print any design as specified by the client



Options and Accessories

Helpline + 34 902 114 142 Steel treatment

DWG drawings





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