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Ref. 68 125 20 R10


Ref. 68 125 52 R10

Distance between axes: 68 x 125 mm
Rod: 10 mm
Flat bar: 50 x 4 mm
Free space between bars: 18 x 115 mm
Transparency: 24%

Standard sizes:

La: 2 x 1,5 m / 80 kg
X: 2 x 0,75 m / 40 kg
V: 1,5 x 1,5 m / 60 kg

Technical data

For more information or any questions, contact our Customer Care centre: 902 114 142 / 980 509 219

Materials and finishings


-Electrolitic zinc covering following the ISO STandard ISO 9001:2000 and register number ESP 2274.

-Imprimación de poliuretano acrílico dos componentes:
     · Repintable con cualquier tipo de sistema (sintéticos, poliuretanos, epoxies, etc.)
     · Aspecto satinado
     · Color RAL 8019

Options and Accessories

Finishing of plaited grille

The finishing of the Trenza Metal grille is simple.
It is possible to apply any kind of techniques of the metalwork: elctrode welding, wire welding, cut with shear, angle grinder, circular saw, bending, etc.

As it is solid material, and its thickness is higher than 4mm, it is possible to weld to every kind of solid frames or structural pipes from 1,5mm thick obtaining an excellent result.


Trenza Metal adapts to every kind of frame. Here you can see some possibilities.

Simple Frames

Flat bar
On its side
Flat H section 
Tee Section
 Inwards U section
Solid square section  Angle section
Hollow square section    


Composed pointed fence

Angle section and frame reinforcement Hidden frame (reinforcement) and loose
ends up and down
Of flat bar Of angle section
With double flat bar  Hidden frame (reinforcement) and loose
ends on the four edges
Pipe finish Lateral Hidden frame (reinforcement)
with angles section. Loose ends up and
Angle section finish (weatherboard)  



With drill hole in the frame
to screw directly
With drill hole in the angle
section to screw

With T-bolt to fix with resin

With bushing and drill hole
moved from the axis of the
frame to screw

Bent frame with bushing
and drill hole in the axis of
the frame to screw
With anchorage plate to screw

With flap, bushing and drill
hole to screw

With flap and drill hole to
screw. Security caps are
placed on the head of the

With gusset plate and bushing
to screw onto the floor

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